The Stone Balls in Zavidovici, Bosnia

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        One of the most wonderful little journeys we took while in Bosnia was to Zavidovici, a little village or home stead over a hour’s drive from the small town of Visoko, Bosnia. In Zavidovici, we were to examine supposedly as Semir stated to us, man-made (or alien made—descendants of an ancient civilization from the Pleiades) perfect spherical stone balls. These perfect spherical stone balls are used for energy and near the time of 2012, will be re-energized if human’s consciousness is elevated high enough to create a vibration sympathetic to those of the balls, and beams of cosmic energy will manifest. The spherical balls have a purpose, that is, they are tools of super technology made from natural material, emanating high cosmic vibrations that will attune us (humans ) to a higher dimension. These spherical balls were made over twelve thousand years ago as the story goes, and they are artifacts left over from the ancient civilization that reigned across Bosnia and was responsible for constructing the world’s largest pyramid located in Visoko, endearingly named ‘The Pyramid of the Sun.’


        We first met a young man who introduced himself as a friend - grandson of the elderly gentleman you see here with the great smile and lovely light in his eyes. There was also a little boy, the great grandson and a few other fellows who took us down to the creek side. The landscape was very lovely, it reminded me of the woods here in North Carolina, and the little stream bed that runs through my property. The creek was elevated in height and had some drop offs with minute waterfalls, like droplets I suppose as there was not much running water, but I was able to imagine it to be like Fairy Land as it was so pretty. The creek had its ups and downs and many rocks with a very high bank. The botanicals were typical of woody marsh creek sides with some fern like plants and little leafed wild flowers. As I followed the young men down to the bottom of the creek dodging rocks and basins of still water listening to them speak in a broken English and Bosnian dialect, I adjusted my video camera and looked towards the area the one young man was pointing. There I saw my first round looking ball. It was not a sphere, but, yes, it was some what round and fascinating to me. I have seen round balls on the tops of the mountains outside of Las Vegas where I grew up, but they were small, like only maximum size of maybe an inch in diameter or so. This one stone ball must have been almost 2 feet in diameter; I was very thrilled.


        The stone ball was not really even a ball, it was an elliptical shaped stone and had some lichen growing on it. I was already prepared beforehand and actually did not expect to see any perfect man-made spherical stone balls after what Robert and I experienced with the hills in Visoko being defined as pyramids and they were just that—hills being carved into some eclectic Mayan design. However, I was very eager to see the surrounding country side and some unusual shaped stones. I love rocks/stones and collect them. I have all shapes and sizes in my rock garden and home, and yes, even little round ones….they are sandstone, really cute, the size of marbles; I still remember the day I found them over 30 years ago.


        Robert and I trekked the creek and looked at the various stones, there was this one huge one, that is the picture you see with Robert and me standing there and I am filming it……….it was huge, however, it was not a perfect sphere either –none of them were. I asked the young gentleman the story of how the balls were found. This is the story as he was told by his grandfather.


        In 1932, there was a terrific storm and earth shattering rain and flood. The grandfather heard a very loud crashing noise. After the storm had passed, he went out to his creek to find it washed away. The bank was now eroded and had fallen to a great depth; it was at this time the balls of stone were exposed. Obviously, the elderly man fell in love with his stones and they have been the prize of his life because of their obscurity. All of these years he just admired his stones as stones (correct), and that is what they are --stones. Now after Semir Osmanagic has spoken with him he is under the belief that they are man-made tools of high technology created out of the very hardest stone material available and remnants of a supreme Bosnian race that was kin to aliens from the Pleiades; whoa --how fortunate he is and they are in his own back yard. The elderly man just grins and grins; the sight of him grinning almost makes the con worth while.


        Robert and I looked and looked, we counted about 20 visible stones that were being called stone spheres but, they were not even round……….Semir stated there were over thirty, now it is written there are over 40????? We did not see that many. I will just show you some pictures of some of the ones we found that could kind of fall into the category of being round, or spherical.


Do these stones photographed at Zavidovici look like (quote below from Semir Osmanagic) --

Perfect spherical stone balls that geology can not produce.” -- ????



The above spheres are to represent ancient

man-made/alien technology stone balls found at Zavidovici.


As for Robert, he would not be able to determine the material components of the stones

with out sampling and lab analysis, and he obviously would not make a statement

 saying they were man-made. So why was a twist placed on what Robert did say ?



To quote Semir's comments from Robert's verbal conversation with him:

It is interesting that even regarding the stone spheres he [Dr. Robert Schoch] did not say that they are man-made but, rather, that there is no geological explanation for them.
Apparently, this is the way a geologist thinks.


        The stones were charcoal gray in color, some lighter, some darker, they had the feel and texture of slate some what. There were broken pieces (large and small) of stone everywhere consistent with the same quality of earthen material the ‘balls’ were created from. You could see circular chips on the creek side. If you took a part of a broken round stone and hit it with anther rock, it split off like an onion layer. I have a piece of one I took home with me. It was taken from a broken ‘roundish’ rock. The young man split it for me and showed me how they break. There was also a mound of the very same rock material on the side of the creek. I had the elderly man stand next to this mound of rock. That is the mound of rock you see behind him where he is standing smiling. I really liked the old man. He was deaf and hard to hear, so we had to really holler loud and he would still say, “Eh?” He was delightful and very innocent; and oh how proud he was. I wondered what he must be really thinking about and how he must feel deep down inside himself being near the end of his life, and all he had witnessed and experienced through those many years to now be told he has alien/man-made energized spherical stone tool balls in his own back yard creek. Who could ever tell him no, the stories he was told were probably not true?


        There was a large amount of garbage in the creek. I asked the young man about that, and he commented that the locals just throw their garbage in the creek and it flows downstream or people that come to visit just throw their garbage in the creek, but no one cleans it up. I felt a little sad about that. As if you think you have some trophies, you would want to display them in a fine setting, not with debris. I asked if there was any education about garbage and sanitary conditions. He said they were going to try to get people to stop throwing their garbage in the creek and clean it up. “They we going to get it in shape.” He also stated they were expecting large crowds of tourists now to see their stones and this would help with their financial income. I was happy for them, yet I felt a bit stumped due to the circumstances, as I am sure the family is under the belief that all of what Semir has said is true, as they know no other explanation for the balls as they are not well educated in the higher sciences. This is not to demean them in anyway, I am portraying the reality of the situation. And this scenario repeats itself over and over in Bosnia with families owning property with unique geological formations on it or just plain common folk who are viewing the affair (unless you are a merchant & know otherwise).






        Both Robert and I had a very nice time with the family of men, friends and young boys. We took pictures and video of the stones and family, and listened to their stories they repeated from the stories they were told by Semir Osmanagic about the stones and their property. The young men repeat these stories to the many visitors to their little homestead. Robert and I were very polite and just listened. We did enjoy romping the creek and playing with the stones. However, when we were about to leave, we were asked to sign the guest book and handed a pamphlet /postcard. We were told for a fee we could have the pamphlet that explained about the stone balls and their purpose and become members of some organization that was related to the ‘Pyramid of the Sun Foundation.’ Later on, a month later or so, Semir started another Foundation called ‘The Archaeological Park of Bosnian Stone Balls.’ Zavidovici has the largest amount of stone balls in close vicinity. There are other sites that have stone balls too; but they are of a different quality of stone then those in Zavidovici. Some of these sites are Maglaj Vareš, Mostar, Kakanj, Zenica, Sanski Most, and Žepče. 






If you are interested in listening to one of Semir’s most recent radio interviews in which he

speaks of the spheres you can visit Astrea Magazine’s web site radio show at this link:

Astrea Radio Interviews Semir Osmanagic

( Please click the one dated 30-09-2006

--for the latest updates from ‘Sammie.’


        There are multiple versions of downloads. Guy Leigh patiently interviews Semir and it would be nice if you really listened to what Semir has to say, you can make up your own mind. However, Semir speaks quite differently now (after our visit to Bosnia) about the spherical stone balls then he did let’s say about 2 months before-hand and is more reserved about aliens and high technology stone spheres (he now states he does not know their purpose). I notice that his personal website, Alternativna Historija has changed A WHOLE LOT and there has been a large amount of text edited out relating to New Age ideology concerning aliens and pyramids along with the text and multiple photographs in regards to the spherical stone balls in Central America (please see the World of the Maya). I do not see the previous pictures that were there before showing the stone spheres and the statements made about them. However, maybe my personal computer browser is acting up, maybe something has changed on it for security reasons, such as pop-ups, hidden files or graphics for retrieving personal information from a person’s computer. Who knows?


        Anyway, I am just providing a background for these pictures and the stories that were told to us. I would love to have a huge round stone ball in my front yard! They are fascinating to see and feel (I wanted to hug and sit on them) whether they are natural, whatever ??? or otherwise!!! For all of you stone and rock lovers, I hope you enjoy these pictures. The stone balls were really great to see.


        I am placing a link to Katherine Reece's Hall of Ma'at - Ancient History and Archaeology message board where she has a great list of geology reports about man-made / versus natural, concerning the Bosnian Hills. I thought this would be of interest to you and very educational.


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